Benelica Products

Benelica Story

In 2012 a group of Greek scientists began to cultivate snails (Helix Aspersa) in Greece. They created an indoor environment which provides completely controlled living and hygiene conditions, ideal for the development of snails. Focusing on the unique properties of the snail, they decided to expand their business activities by creating the company Incosal S.A. which produces Benelica cosmetics, products which stand out for their uniqueness due to the fact that they are based on a combination of unique snail secretion with modern active substances (such as peptides, enzymes, glucoside derivatives, plant extracts, skin penetration enhancers), and which received an award at the Cosmetology Congress in Paris in 2013. Thanks to the rich components of Greek soil and the special food with which the snails are fed, their secretion contains proteins, allantoin, glycolic acid and antioxidants which are key ingredients in cosmetic products for the treatment of aging skin, visible revitalization and direct hydration. Incosal S.A., produces two different series of cosmetics products: one is sold for individual use and the second is for professional use only and is supplied to Dermaceutical Centers, Institutes and Spas

Why benelica ?

Benelica products stand out for their innovation and their effectiveness. The innovative method applied for the qualitative and quantitative standardization of the collection of the secretion is carried out in cooperation with specialized scientists in Universities who have the necessary know-how, as well as the technical and scientific equipment required for separation, filtration, cleaning, maintenance and quality control. The innovative procedure followed is not a simple extraction but a unique system of collection which allows the snail secretion to retain 95% of its active ingredients from the first to the fourth collection. The formulas of Incosal S.A.. are distinguished from other products because they use both active ingredients of natural origin and new generation substances. Their efficacy is shown by “in use tests”, “in vivo tests” and clinical studies.

Incosal S.A. is distinguished for the quality of its cosmetic products which have been researched and designed by the company’s Research and Development Department, and have been produced in accordance with the regulations of EOF and EU.

Furthermore, Benelica cosmetic products have been tested for their safety at the University Dermatology Hospital “Andreas Sygros”. They do not contain Parabens and are microbiologically tested and certified.

The results of using Benelica products are noticeable on the skin within the first 20 days. The combination of the secretion with the newest active molecules, deeply moisturizes the skin, increases the production of collagen, elastin improves skin density, tightens the skin, reduces the depth and volume of wrinkles and skin regains its lost elasticity.

specific sales points

  • Cleansing Milk 2 in 1 (150ml)
    For removing efficiently the make-up and for revitalisation of the skin.
  • Serum Lifting (30 ml)
    For increased tightness and smoothness of skin.
  • Renewal Enzymatic Lotion and Snail Serum Treatment
    Unique and pioneering combination for immediate and anti-aging effect on the skin. Eliminates small wrinkles, improves skin texture and restores moisture levels to natural conditions of the skin.
  • Regenerative Gel (50 ml)
    For inflammation control, reconstruction, reversal of dehydration and improvement of wrinkles.
  • Moisturizing Day Cream (50 ml)
    For hydration, elasticity and protection against photoaging.
  • Anti-ageing cream (50 ml)
    For reduction, relaxation and rebuilding the epidermis.
  • Eye cream (30 ml)
    For elasticity and reduction of wrinkles around the eyes. 
  • Neck and Decolletage Cream (50 ml)
    For glow, firming and toning the skin, reducing wrinkles.
  • Sunscreen Face Cream 30 SPF (50 ml)
    High protection with UVA-UVB (30 SPF) from solar radiation and damage to cell DNA.
  • Sunscreen Face Cream 50 SPF (50ml)
    High protection with UVA-UVB (50 SPF) from solar radiation and damage to cell DNA. 
  • Enzymatic and Slimming system
    A unique and innovative combination for immediate skin regeneration and tightening. Effectively reduces cellulite, firms slack skin, restores the glow and level of skin hydration to their natural state.