Benefits of snail secretion in skincare 2

Benefits of snail secretion in skincare

Benefits of snail slime (secretion) in skincare was officially discovery by Dr. Rafael Abad Iglesias. He applied radiation therapy for killing off cancer cells on common snails. He noticed by accident that the injured areas on the snail’s skin started to heal quickly. He later tested the snail secretion on humans. By applying snail secretion to human skin, he concluded that it also had the same healing qualities.

In the eighties a Chilean family who owned a snail gardening business found that the people working and handling the snails showed recognizable changes and softer and clearer skin. Abrasions and scars were noticeably reduced. The same family many years later developed the first skin care range (Elicina), using snail secretion-based creams.
The snail secretion is mostly used in cosmetic production. It boasts hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, glycoprotein enzymes, proteoglycans, antimicrobials and copper peptides. Providing hydration, anti-oxidizing and recovering properties when topically applied to give a glowing, youthful complexion. The snail secretion has been known for wound healing and the improvement of wrinkles and fine lines.
Countries from the U.S, South Korea, Japan, Thailand and the U.K have all used snail secretion in some form from creams, essences, masks and other various products because of the healing signs and qualities.
The snail slime is obtained from common garden snails called Helix Aspersa. They produce a secretion rich in proteins that have high and low molecule weight hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. When applied to the human skin it stimulates the formation of collagen, elastin and dermal components that repair the signs of photoaging and minimizes the damage from generated free radicals that are responsible for premature skin aging.

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