About Us

Our Story

Beauty and youthfulness has never been so important in a day and age where we will try anything to retain our youth. We wanted to find a brand and products that are natural and organic and without the use of injections and without subjecting our skin and bodies to poisons.
Greece is at the cutting edge of skin care using organic and natural products that work on a cellular level. With the discovery of Benelica, we are able to offer women and men a skin care range that does not contain parabens and a product that has been microbiologically tested and certified using snail secretion.

A Word from Benelica

“The results of using Benelica products are noticeable on the skin within the first 20 days. The combination of the secretion with the newest active molecules, deeply moisturizes the skin, increases the production of collagen, elastin improves skin density, tightens the skin, reduces the depth and volume of wrinkles and skin regains its lost elasticity.”

Customers reviews

I have been using the enzymatic snail secretion treatment for a month now and i really wasn’t expecting it to make the difference on my skin as it has. I am so excited that my skin is looking fresh and youthful again.
Anna Kanely
I bought the serum and anti ageing cream and have been using the 2 combined now for a few weeks and i cannot believe the difference in my skin texture and wrinkles are so much more refined. I will be purchasing the rest of the range as this product is amazing.
Catherine Gable